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As your Houston wrongful death lawyer, we take all necessary steps to successfully resolve your legal claims. Whether the death occurred due to a car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle, truck accident, subway or pedestrian accident, construction accident, our Houston wrongful death attorneys can effectively represent you.

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James Lassiter is one of the top personal injury lawyers in Houston Texas and fights hard to win every personal injury case. Each Houston wrongful death lawyer understands that the death of a loved one in an accident can be life altering & possibly irreversible and your physical, emotional & mental recovery may be difficult & depends on many factors. Knowing that your case is being handled by the best possible Houston wrongful death lawyer is so important. Choosing the right Houston lawyer to protect your interests & rights plays a big part in your peace of mind & eventual recovery.

Wrongful death cases are among the saddest cases any attorney can handle. They begin when the plaintiff’s life is cut short due to the actions or in actions of another person, company, or government entity or agency. This includes the failure to maintain one’s property, a death resulting from an auto accident, a slip and fall resulting in death, a falling object on another person’s property, or even in cases of murder or manslaughter. Any case where an untimely death is caused by something other than natural causes has the potential to be a wrongful death suit.

A Houston Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help Determine The Value Of Your Claim

Damages in a wrongful death case are based on the facts of the case, including the degree to which the defendant can be found responsible, as well as the future earning potential of the deceased. The family or estate of a wrongful death victim will be able to recover these damages as a replacement or estimate of what the individual’s estate would have been worth had the premature death not occurred.  There may also be an award of pain and suffering between the time of injury and death.

The Lassiter Law Firm is committed to winning the maximum settlement or award for accidents of all kinds. We promise to investigate your case thoroughly and look into every possible option to help you. We will fight in court to get you all the money you deserve under the law. We encourage you to call or to email us if you have any questions about the law or about your injury. We will work to help you get the best care and the best legal outcome in your case.

We take great pride in our founding partner James Lassiter for his recognition as the top litigator in the nation & innovative approach to Texas personal injury law.

Published by James Lassiter on 2013-08-13

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