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Truck accidents are nearly always catastrophic in their impact and life-altering for the individuals and families involved. Unfortunately, many 18 wheeler accidents may have been prevented through simple due diligence. James Lassiter & his Tough Houston Personal Injury Lawyers have the experience and the knowledge needed to pursue compensation for truck accident victims.

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Federal and state regulations are very stringent for tractor-trailer trucks and other commercial vehicles. Because of this, what often seems like a simple accident may have numerous complicating legal factors, including:

We are an experienced personal injury firm that has honed our investigative skills over time. By conducting a timely, meticulous investigation that includes taking photographs, obtaining witness statements and checking the backgrounds of everyone involved, we can present an effective case to the judge or jury.

We can get to the bottom of any injury-causing situation, from truck/car accidents to products liability to wrongful death. Our firm has the resources to uncover hidden details and discover any missing pieces of evidence that may prove critical in recovering maximum compensation for your injuries.

If you were injured in a truck accident, the Lassiter Law Firm is here to help you. We work for our clients—and we work hard. Contact us for a free consultation with a dedicated Houston Personal Injury Attorney.

Published by James Lassiter on 2015-10-13

se habla español