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Defective Truck Equipment

Many trucking accidents are caused, or made worse, by defective truck equipment. At the James Lassiter Law Firm in Houston, Texas, we know which truck parts are frequently faulty. In our thorough investigations, we track down the obscure details and carefully consider every piece of evidence. We always pursue the full compensation truck accident victims deserve.

Over the years, our truck accident lawyers represented many truck accident victims and their families. In fact, we have found there are specific parts or areas of semi trucks that tend to malfunction or be defective. These often include:

  • Tires (tread separation)
  • Brakes (pads, rotors)
  • Lights (brake, signal and head lights)
  • Steering systems
  • Seals, hoses, belts
  • Underride bars

When the cause of accidents is attributable to defective truck equipment, the injured party or the surviving family members may be able to bring a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer and others in the chain of distribution.

As Houston Lawyers dedicated to protecting the rights of personal injury victims, we have sharpened skills in investigation, negotiation and litigation. Our examination of evidence is always thorough and meticulous, leaving no details unnoticed. Not only is our Managing partner recognized as one of the top litigators in the nation, but we are strong negotiators for our clients, tenaciously working on their behalf in discussions with insurance companies and/or product manufacturers. Our Defective Truck Equipment Lawyers alway prepare our cases for trial, so we are ready to compellingly present your case before a judge or jury.

We are committed to uncovering hidden details and any missed information in your case. This can prove critical in securing compensation for your injuries. From 18 Wheeler Accident to Motorcycle Accident, we are ready to work for you.

If you were injured by defective truck equipment, the Lassiter Law Firm is here to help you. We work for our clients—and we work hard. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Published by James Lassiter on 2015-10-13

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