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Drug Reactions Are Common & We Have The Experience To Help

In today’s’ society, unfortunate drug reactions, mostly fatal, have become commonplace.  Decreased oversight of the FDA, understaffed hospital pharmacies, the existence of online pharmacies,  the increased number of available drugs, and treatments administered by multiple doctors and specialists are all catalysts of the increased number of fatal drug interaction deaths within the United States.

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Do you believe a loved one has been tragically poisoned by a toxic or fatal drug reaction, or worse yet, permanently disabled or killed? In order to prevent similar medical mishaps, as well as determine the real cause of fatality or permanent disability, it is imperative to retrieve medical and pharmaceutical records and consult  a legal professional experienced in pharmaceutical liability to evaluate your options.

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable Houston Drug Reaction Lawyer will provide information about your state’s laws regarding pharmaceutical and drug reactions, assist in determining any and all possible negligence, and ensure that your interests are properly represented, while guaranteeing all necessary claims are addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

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Fatal Drug Reactions

When medical oversight and pharmacies are unaware of lethal combinations of medications and prescriptions prescribed to patients, fatal drug reactions occur; these lethal concoctions are unbeknownst to physicians, pharmacists, specialists, hospitals, and insurance providers, who  could easily detect these deadly combinations and stop unnecessary and untimely deaths from happening.

As medicine becomes increasingly more unconventional and the control of medical treatment transitions from licensed doctors to major insurance providers who “prescribe” treatment instead, the number of fatal drug reactions skyrocket.

In an attempt to lower costs and “cut corners”, these insurance providers have unreluctantly placed the lives of those whom they insure in grave danger!  Despite the needs of sick patients, many insurance providers have stripped licensed physicians of their medical authority, thereby removing them completely from the proper practice of medicine,  Instead, insurance providers have opted to create elaborate systems to financially incentivize doctors’ specific health care treatments and options, while also encouraging them to spend less and less time with each individual patient under their care.  Due to this environment, it is no wonder fatal drug reactions are commonplace!

Toxic Drug Reactions

Toxic drug reactions often claim the lives of loved ones via respiratory failure, resulting in hypoxia and even severe damage to the brain.  Hypoxia, a lack of oxygen, is known to cause disillusionment, such as loss of identity, loss of control of bodily functions, numbness of extremities, excruciating pain, limited capacity, traumatic comas, and most importantly sudden death!

When combined with irresponsible oversight and guidance, toxic drug reactions are a leading cause of major permanent health issues that can claim the life of a loved one or even place them in a state or permanent disability.  In these cases, it is always important to have a designated individual monitoring the hospitalized loved one or with you to keep a keen eye out for oversights and mistakes before they occur.  Although oversights and mistakes occur within hospitals, mistakes are also commonplace within a majority of pharmacies.