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If you or a loved one used Effexor during early pregnancy and had a child born with a birth defect potentially associated with this drug use, please call the Houston Effexor Lawyers at the Lassiter Law Firm for a free consulation.

Effexor is a widely used antidepressant. Though the FDA has now sent warnings and notices of its adverse effects on the health of newborns. Numerous studies have shown that pregnant women who took Effexor tablets were at risk for delivering babies with various birth defects such as cleft lip, heart problems and other life-threatening diseases. Procedures to correct such defects are expensive and appropriate medical treatment is not readily available. Babies born with heart problems may even have to undergo a heart transplant in order to stay alive.

The list of birth defects that may occur to babies with mothers that used antidepressant tablets like Effexor in the first trimester of their pregnancy are as follows:

• Abdominal birth defects such as Omphalocele that causes severe pain and needs immediate surgery.
• Complete or partial closure of the anus known as anal atresia.
Autism spectrum related disorders.
• Cardiac or heart related diseases.
Cleft lip and Cleft palate.
Craniosysnotosis that is ailments affecting the functions of the brain and skull.
• Limb concerns are also one of the conditions that hamper a child’s health.
Neural tube defects that shows adverse effects on brain, spinal cord and spina bifida.
• PPHN or Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn.

Consult A Doctor On Medical Issue

The Lassiter law firm does not intend, by this web site or otherwise, to dissuade anyone from taking medication without their doctors’ approval. Please consult your doctor, not your lawyer, on matters relating to your health. It could be dangerous to stop taking medicines, especially abruptly. Patients should talk to their physicians to decide whether the benefits and risks of taking Effexor make it the right choice for them.

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