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Pharmacy Mistakes Are Common, But When They Cause Serious Injury Only A Handful of Local Legal Professionals Can Help You Recover Compensation For The Pharmacies Negligence.

Although most pharmacies are well staffed, there are a few who attempt to “shave” operating costs and lower budgets by employing staff who are under trained and inexperienced. Seeing as it often requires a trained pharmacist to notice lethal drug interactions or decide if related medication labels have been mistaken or accidentally switched, inexperienced and untrained staff often oversee and participate too heavily in the filling of medicinal prescriptions.

For this purpose alone, it is imperative to insure that you are employing the services of a trained, licensed pharmacist that operates a valid pharmacy that enacts procedures of quality control to offset the errors of medication quantity or type being switched, mixed, or accidentally combined; often, most mistakes occur when pharmacists and pharmacy technicians simply aren’t paying close attention or are just too busy.

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Decreased oversight of the FDA, understaffed hospital pharmacies, the existence of online pharmacies,  the increased number of available drugs, and treatments administered by multiple doctors and specialists are all catalysts of the increased number of fatal drug interaction deaths.  Although drug reactions have become commonplace due to medical irresponsibility and insurance provider greed, if you believe a loved one is the victim of an adverse drug reaction or allergy to a drug, it is imperative to retrieve medical and pharmacy records and consult  immediately with an experienced pharmaceutical attorney to evaluate your options.

Are you or a loved one the victim of Pharmaceutical Negligence?  The Lassiter Law Firm can help.  We have over 50 years of combined legal experience, including Drug Reaction and Pharmaceutical Claims , and have successfully handled hundreds of these cases.  Each case will not only be handled by an experienced legal professional, but also by a qualified staff of secretaries and paralegals.  Rest assured that you will receive only the highest quality legal representation for your case.

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