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The term catastrophic injury is used to describe an injury that may happen during a catastrophe and the consequences of that injury usually place a long-term effect on the person suffering the injury. So, it can be said both the cause of the injury and its effects are catastrophic.

The American Medical Association says that severe injuries to the spine, spinal cord, and brain are catastrophic – and they are the most common. But there are other injuries that happen to other parts of the body that can be equally catastrophic to the person injured such as severe burns and accidents that cause the amputation of a limb. One of the results of such an injury will be the inability of the person to return to their job and they may even need help with the activities of daily living for a long time or the rest of their life.

The Role of Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents play a big role in the number of devastating injuries that can change a person’s life forever.  Spinal cord injuries and brain injuries are at many times the result of someone being involved in an auto accident. Severe injuries to the spinal cord are especially catastrophic as they can prevent the person from ever walking again and in some cases costs them the use of their arms too

A malfunctioning product or unsafe automobile can harm individuals. Products that can cause a fire are especially frightening as 81 percent of people who die in a fire do so in their own home. Burn injuries that can lead to amputation or even blindness all must be compensated for by the liable party. With the assistance of a catastrophic injury attorney in Houston, you and your loved ones can begin picking up the pieces and move on from the catastrophic injuries you or your loved ones have endured.

The Lassiter Law firm is an ally for people in the Houston Area that have suffered an injury that has changed their lives or that of a loved one forever.  Experienced in making plans for the injured party’s future needs is one of the many services they will provide during this trying time of your life.

The lithium-ion battery is once again involved in a product recall. This time, Amazon that sells a portable lithium-ion battery charger/power bank has issued a recall for six versions of their AmazonBasics product due to overheating in 53 cases and chemical burns in one case due to contact by the victim with battery acid that leaked from the product.

In a related recall, a portable bank charging station that uses lithium-ion batteries to recharge products when electricity isn’t available called the Digi-power grab is also being recalled. It is manufactured by Mizco International and sold exclusively by the Container Store. The stations have melted a total of five times with no burn injuries reported.

Burn Injuries Are Becoming More Common in the Electronics Era

Burn injuries that lead to a visit to a burn center occur most often due to fire and flames, and the second most common burn injury is due to scalding injuries due to hot liquids or moist heat. Chemical burns such as the ones caused by these lithium-ion battery news items are a part of the three percent of yearly cases listed by the American Burn Association. The scary part is that many of the fatalities from burns continue to be from fires in the home according to the CDC and that is where many of these charging stations for phones and all other portable items are used.

The manufacturers of these items have done what’s expected in these two cases mentioned above, but the message seems clear that the product may not have been designed properly or manufactured properly and that led to the recall.

The Houston burn injury attorneys at The Lassiter Law Firm have brought product liability lawsuits similar to ones that could have become filed if these defective products had caused more harm. If a similar product has harmed you or a family member, we can help.

Catastrophic injuries are related to a catastrophe or traumatic event that results in a long period of incapacity that can lead to high treatment costs. The American Medical Association’s definition of catastrophic injuries includes injuries to the brain – Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), of course, can come under this heading. But some TBIs, though not be seen as catastrophic at first, could have severe consequences years later that may not be attributed to that earlier injury.

When Can a TBI Be Seen as Not Catastrophic?

TBI is defined by the CDC as a disruption in the normal function of the brain caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head. It can also be caused by a penetrating injury. Certainly, some of these incidents will be the result of a catastrophe and require the sufferer to receive long-term care. On the other hand, a bump to the head that causes a momentary daze isn’t catastrophic, and a blow to the head that leads to a concussion and loss of consciousness won’t be catastrophic either. These injuries need to be carefully attended to, of course, but once the patient has recovered; there usually won’t be any long-term care given.

But maybe that is not the best way to proceed. It’s possible that the concussion sufferer should be monitored for a longer period of time since research published in the journal Radiology shows that even one concussion can lead to a change in the brain’s structure. The area of the brain concerned with mood was discovered to have been altered after one concussion, and that may lead to depression in the patient.

Brain injuries can happen due to a product malfunction, sports injury, car accident, or at work due to a third party’s negligence. Whether mild or severe, the person who has experienced one of these injuries needs to have representation by an attorney with experience in providing for both the short and long-term care they need. The Lassiter Law Firm in Houston should be contacted if you or a family member has suffered one of these debilitating injuries.

In 2016, the amount of deaths among bicycle riders in overall crash statistics stayed about the same as, once again, about 2 percent of those who died on the roads that year were on a bicycle. The overwhelming majority of those riders was at least 20 years old.

But there is some disturbing news about riding a bicycle –  the 2 percent of those killed in vehicular crashes were on bikes even though only one percent of all trips taken on the roads last year involved bicycles. So being on a bike is still not very safe as long as people continue to hit them with their cars.

Bike Accidents and Their Causes

Not every bike accident leads to a fatality, but the injuries sustained are due to the same causes. A car hitting a bike rider causes 29 percent of the injuries the riders suffer. Falling on their own is responsible for 17 percent of the injuries suffered. Avoiding a dog was cited in a few and the road or walkway not being in good repair contributed to another 13 percent of the injuries. So in quite a few examples, the injuries could have been avoided if those around the bike rider took better care of their responsibilities.

Dog owners should not allow their animal loose to be avoided by bike riders or bite the rider. Also, there are some parts of our Houston streets and sidewalks that businesses are responsible for to assure proper safety for those walking or riding along it. Nonetheless, distracted or impaired drivers are still the most dangerous cause of injuries and fatalities to bicyclists and they should be punished for their mistakes.

If you are a bike rider and have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you should be compensated. The Lassiter Law Firm will be on your side and find out all the factors that contributed to your injuries and make the person responsible give you compensation for them.

The many SUVs on the road along with other vehicles have the potential to be involved in a rollover accident. This may happen when the vehicle is steered suddenly in one direction and then control of the vehicle is lost and the weight shift leads the vehicle to turn over. The National Highway Safety Administration website states that although rollovers only constituted about 2.1 percent of all crashes in 2010, these crashes accounted for 35 percent of traffic fatalities involving passenger vehicle accidents for that year.

These crashes seem to happen more in rural areas according to the NHTSA and one of the contributing factors is the tire pressure or older tires. These problems can lead to sliding off the road and, if that road is in a rural area, a ditch may be hit and contribute to the rollover.

Have Auto Manufacturers Addressed this Problem?

Rollovers continue to happen and there have been some attempts to prevent them by the auto manufacturers. But some of these preventive measures may not always work as intended. For example the ESC (electronic stability control) which helps to slow a vehicle down by braking individual wheels when it senses traction may be lost is a help but, if it malfunctions, a problem could be made worse by stopping a tire that should be turning.

Improper tire pressure can contribute to rollovers and some vehicles do have warning lights for tire pressure problems. If that fails to work however another rollover may happen that could have been avoided. Since these accidents can be so devastating, all of these factors as well as many others such as was the car recalled due to too many rollover incidents in the past will be investigated by your rollover accident attorney.

If you or a family member has been injured in one of these accidents please contact the Lassiter Law Firm. We have experience in this area of practicing law and will help you recover rightful damages that you have suffered in an accident that was not your fault.

When an accident happens, it sometimes can go under the heading of “well some things can’t be helped”. That is not always the case, of course, and one area that has grown in accident injury lawsuits in Houston are those involving defective products. These are products that have not been properly designed to protect those who use the product exactly as instructed. These cases are taken by Accident Injury Attorneys and they will seek damages by proving the designers’ or manufacturers’ strict liability in creating or producing an unsafe product.

Negligence in an Accident Involving a Defective Product Isn’t Necessary in this Case

When a product is used as it was intended according to the instructions the manufacturer includes with it and an injury occurs, negligence does not need to be proven by the accident injury attorney. The fact that it did not perform as advertised due to an improper design or manufacturing defect is what the accident injury attorney will want to prove. There have been many instances of this kind of poor design leading to injuries – sometimes many before a recall is ordered. In these cases, the liability was found to be squarely on the manufacturer.

Another area besides products improperly manufactured causing physical injuries may be an accident caused by someone using a prescription drug not properly designed. It may have a side effect that could lead to an auto accident, trip and fall, or even fatalities such as the ones reported due to the drug Posicor and its interactions with antihistamines and antibiotics.  An injury or fatality in such cases have been compensated for without any negligence being found. The manufacturer has a duty to produce a safe product and thus can be held strictly liable in these cases.

The Houston accidents injury attorneys at the Lassiter Law Firm have won cases in both strict liability lawsuits and those that involve negligence of a person or company not performing up to the accepted standards. If you or a family member have suffered an injury due to any accident consult with us and we will take steps to gain justice for you.

The person physically injured in an auto accident through no fault of their own can bring legal action against the person that caused the accident. Many auto accidents may be the source of this kind of tort claim by an injured party. The auto accident attorney in this case will need to prove that the other driver is at fault for the accident and, as a result, the injured party is owed compensation. In the state of Texas, the at-fault driver and their insurance company are liable for damages when negligence can be demonstrated by an auto accident attorney.

Proving Negligence

Every driver on the road has a duty to show reasonable care while operating an automobile. Violations of the law such as speeding, running red lights, or operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol is certainly a violation of that duty. But less egregious violations such as texting while driving or dozing off behind the wheel due to lack of sleep can also be seen as violations of that duty, especially when an accident has occurred.

In any of the examples mentioned above, an auto accident attorney in Houston will be charged to show the following:

The at-fault driver owed the others involved a duty of reasonable care.

They breached that duty by their actions.

Injuries were caused to others due to those actions.

If these facts are proven, then the driver and their insurance company will be liable for damages incurred by the injured parties. That is the basis of auto accident injury lawsuits – proving that the duty to show reasonable care was violated and pain and suffering have occurred.

The Lassiter Legal Team is experienced in going through each part of an auto accident and discovering if your rights have been violated by another driver’s breach of duty to show reasonable care while on the road. Contact the firm if you or a family member have been injured in an auto accident today and get help from our team of experts in this area of law.

An 18 wheeler accident attorney is very necessary in the state of Texas. There are many interstate highways going through the Lone Star State and these large trucks come from many different jurisdictions, headed to another state with a deadline to meet.

One thing is certain, though, and that is when these large vehicles careen out of control due to excessive speed or reckless driving and come into contact with other motor vehicles; they will outweigh that vehicle virtually every time. That is why in the state of Texas over 403 deaths and 803 crashes leading to an incapacitating injury involved truck-tractor/semi-trailer vehicles. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of an 18 wheeler accident, it is crucial to seek the assistance of an 18 wheeler accident attorney in Houston as soon as possible.

What Is an Incapacitating Injury in an 18 Wheeler Accident?

An incapacitating injury in the state of Texas is described by the Federal Highway Administration as a severe injury that prevents the continuation of normal activities; including distorted limbs, internal injuries, a crushed chest, etc. Then there are others who suffer non-incapacitating injuries that are in the thousands each year when an accident involves an 18 wheeler. The pain and suffering of these victims is sometimes matched with a mental element that may include fear of ever driving again or panic attacks that strike when an 18 wheeler approaches on the road.

Those who are injured need to have the accident investigated by an expert team charged with finding the truth. Questions such as how long was the semi driver behind the wheel that day? Is there past involvement with reckless driving or possibly a DUI?

These and other questions will be investigated by the Houston 18 wheeler accident law firm of James Lassiter. These accidents lead to many medical problems that will cause problems for years to come and compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering will be won for those who have been wrongly injured by one of these vehicles.