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Negligence that can lead to an injury – physically or emotionally – should be compensated for and a personal injury attorney in Houston who is an expert in tort law should be consulted when this injury occurs. Tort law is in place to impose liability on those who cause harm by negligence to a person or persons who by this law are allowed to take legal action to be compensated for their injuries. This compensation is imposed to reduce the number of incidents in the future. Many automobile accidents come to litigation due to the negligence of one of the drivers.

Personal Injury Claims Involving Actions Other than Negligence

The personal injury lawyer will bring action against those responsible for injuries to their clients even if negligence is not the primary factor in the case. There are two other areas of tort law that can be considered in a personal injury case.

Strict Liability:

This type of liability claim many times concerns a product that has been poorly manufactured and caused an injury when used as it was intended. A personal injury attorney is not charged with the need to prove negligence in this type of case.

Intentional Wrongs:

An injury caused by an intentional act may also be a basis for a personal injury action. In a case such as assault and battery, there will be criminal charges, but the resulting injuries may be compensable in a civil suit. As with negligence and strict liability, this type of claim should be discussed with the experts in tort law once you have been injured.

In Houston, the Lassiter Law Firm has proven negligence, strict liability, and wrongful injury due to intentional acts for their clients and will do the same for you. If an injury due to a car accident, inferior product, or a landlord’s or store owner’s negligence has led to an injury to you or a family member;  contact the tort law expert in Houston today.

Pedestrian fatalities in motor vehicle accidents has risen 46 percent since 2009. The total number of fatalities in vehicle crashes had gone down, from 2006 to 2015, by 18 percent; however, the amount of pedestrian deaths in car crashes rose 12 percent in that same time span.

There is no real data about how many more pedestrians are out there, but it certainly seems that these pedestrians had better be careful. A person being hit by a car obviously has a much greater chance of serious injury. Statistical data also indicates that many of these accidents befall older people such as 70 years or older. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a pedestrian vs. motor vehicle accident, seeking the assistance of a pedestrian accident lawyer in Houston is of the utmost importance.

Injuries that a Pedestrian Will Most Likely Get

The injuries sustained according to the U.S. Department of Transportation are often to the head, pelvis, and legs. This coincides with another fact that pedestrian death rates are highest for those who are seventy and older. Falls and head injuries account for many fatalities in this age group and being hit by a vehicle will definitely be hard for anyone especially an older person to survive.

There is also the fact that people driving under the influence are less likely to be paying as much attention to the crosswalks as they are to cars in front of them. Distracted driving may be another factor that has seen this disturbing trend back on the rise.

Losing a loved one or being seriously injured when you are on foot and at your most vulnerable can have dire consequences for you and your family. Distracted driving or driving too fast in urban areas of Houston where a negligent driver is more likely to hit a pedestrian should not be tolerated and must be punished. That is what the pedestrian accident lawyers at the Lassiter Law firm will do by proving this negligence and then your injuries will be taken care of and any pain and suffering due to this accident will be compensated for.

The joy of the open road is one of the many reasons that there are so many motorcycle riders in the state of Texas. These vehicles truly give the rider a real experience that isn’t matched by any other motor vehicle. Sadly, though the motorcycle gives you the real feel for the road, it does not offer as much protection to the rider as an automobile.

That can become a problem, especially if a distracted or impaired driver doesn’t see the motorcycle and collides with it. That is when a motorcycle accident attorney needs to be contacted by the rider or in some cases their family due to the rider’s wrongful death.

The Help a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Provide

The injuries or wrongful deaths that occur during these accidents many times could have been prevented if the driver of the colliding vehicle had taken more care to see if there was a vehicle next to them. A car will hit the horn and be more easily seen. The motorcycle is smaller but that doesn’t forgive the driver that swerves in front of them due to using the phone or changing radio stations, or driving while intoxicated. These accidents are investigated thoroughly by the motorcycle accident attorney’s team of experts and evidence of any unlawful driving will be presented during the trial.

As far as a wrongful death action, the state of Texas had  497 fatalities reported in 2016 in accidents involving motorcycles. Another accident that year involving a police motorcycle also had a fatality reported. Therefore, if you have lost a family member in the past and there was no satisfying conclusion to what happened, contacting an attorney is important because such cases do have a statute of limitations on when a lawsuit can be filed.

Please contact the Houston motorcycle accident attorney James Lassiter and bring all the information you have on hand to determine if you have a case. The consultation is free and it may be your best opportunity to recover from this kind of devastating loss.

The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Society defines an industrial accident as a danger originating from a technological or industrial accident, dangerous procedures, infrastructure failures, or certain human activities that cause the loss of life or injury, property damage, social and economic disruption, or environmental degradation.

That covers a lot of ground and makes industrial accidents sound like there must be a big incident such a train derailment carrying a load of tanker cars filled with chemicals or an explosion leveling an entire plant. But there are any number of incidents that happen every day much smaller in scope in Houston that still qualify as an industrial accident.

Industrial Accidents and the Everyday Worker

One person can actually be felled by an industrial accident. Look at the definition – the person may be harmed by a technological problem. A safety net may not be properly hung by a scaffold. The scaffold falls and the net fails resulting in an industrial accident. A chemical spill in a plant – it could be one barrel – but it still harms the individual if it is a toxic chemical and it degrades the surrounding environment.

Then there is the mention of certain human activities. A fellow employee can cause an accident leaving him unscathed but others injured. And when a worker is harmed seriously, there is also an economic disruption to that person’s life. Even if worker compensation covers the medical bills and there is replacement pay, sometimes that pay is limited by a maximum payment allowed by state law.

In any industrial accident whether the worker is covered by workers compensation or not, an attorney must be contacted to be sure everything is being done to return you to your job at your full capacity. Contact the Lassiter Law Firm if you have been injured in an industrial accident in Houston big or small. We have the experience you need dealing with many industries and are aware of what procedures may have been violated that caused this injury and we can get you compensation.

The statistics are clear –  night driving for many reasons is more dangerous than daytime driving. The chance of being involved in an accident with an impaired driver is greater at night, but it’s not just alcohol that is impairing drivers.

The National Safety Council in a discussion of night driving makes it clear that, as we age, night vision gets worse and so does our reaction time. Combine that with the chance that others are on the road with similar defects plus they are coming home from a party or bar after drinking, you have a perfect storm of dire circumstances brewing that can lead to a fatal accident.

Fatal Car Crashes Happen During the Day Too

The National Safety Council estimates that the chances of a fatal crash are increased threefold at night due to these factors. On the other hand, there are still many fatal accidents in Houston that happen during the day though for different reasons. Some drivers during both the day and evening can still be at risk due to a faulty car component that should have become a part of a recall years before. For instance, the Takata airbag problem is still ongoing and those airbags were first installed in cars as early as 2002. It seems that something should have been done a lot sooner about this faulty product.

The daytime is also when large trucks and semis are on the road and when they are involved in an accident with a smaller vehicle, the chance of a fatal injury also goes up. Sun glare at certain times of the year has caused vision problems too and, if a driver is speeding to get home when this hits another, wrongful death may occur.

If you have lost a family member at any time to an automobile accident, please contact the Lassiter Law Firm for a consultation. This is a serious, impossibly hard time for you and your family but we can help. Our team has successfully fought for those facing the same challenges as you are now, and will do the same for you.

The March 15, 2018 explosion accident in a chemical plant owned by Tri-Chem Industries near Ft. Worth has not had much new information reported possibly due to recent policies adopted about informing the public in cases such as this. In an article about the explosion published by the Associated Press and Houston Public Media that day, the lack of information given out by state agencies about chemicals stored in such facilities was mentioned.

The fertilizer plant explosion in the city of West, Texas in 2013 was referenced in the article. At that time the state Attorney General and now Texas governor Greg Abbott ruled that state agencies withholding information about the hazardous chemicals being stored at these kinds of facilities was not wrong due to “ongoing terrorist activity”.

What Can Be Done When an Explosion Happens in a Chemical Plant?

That may make it harder for reporters to file a story but there are others involved in these explosion accidents that do deserve some information, especially as there were two injuries and a missing person in this case. One man who was injured seriously was said to have been dragging his foot along the floor when he caught fire from the waist up.

What caused this combustion can be found out and if the company is found to have done something negligent or they violated provisions of the Safe Chemicals Act,  the family of the injured parties or those who suffered a wrongful death will have cause to institute a lawsuit against this company.

If you or a family member has been injured in an explosion accident similar to this one you should contact the Lassiter Law Firm in Houston. The explosion accident team will be there for you and get down to the cause and obtain just compensation for the pain and emotional suffering you and your family have gone through.

The state of Texas saw a small reduction in fatalities related to drunk driver accidents last year compared to the year before, but the latest statistics show that fatalities increased by  33 lives. That isn’t all the bad news either. In another count, the number of fatal crashes involving repeat offenders was 31 % for those with a blood alcohol content of .08 to .14 and those with a BAC of .15 plus was 68.5%. That’s one of the many problems with the drunk driver – the repeat offenders continuing to get behind the wheel and many times not only taking their own life but also someone else’s.

The Cost of Being Hit by a Repeat Offender

The loss of a driving license doesn’t seem to deter the majority of those repeat offenders either. Many of these people have lost their jobs and their family due to drinking, so what’s a license compared to that? Even after being behind bars, the repeat offender continues to break this law when they get out.

Then with no license, no insurance, and many times no assets; they take to the road and get into an accident. Their problem has already cost them everything, but that ends up being unfair to a person injured by this repeat offender.

The personal injury attorney is the last hope for those who have been devastated by this continuing problem in our society and there still can be a way in the state of Texas to get justice for someone that has been harmed or lost a loved one because of a drunk driver with no assets or insurance.

An investigation into the circumstances leading up to the accident may show the victim was hit by someone who was served at a house party or drinking establishment. In these cases, the server could be held liable for not worrying that the guest or patron was a safety hazard on the road. Contact the Lassiter Law Firm if you have been injured or had your family devastated by the loss of a loved one due to a drunk driver accident in Houston and surrounding areas.

Dog bite accidents are fairly common to say the least. The CDC estimates the number bites per year at about 4.5 million a year. That may be too low as these statistics are based on people going to the hospital for medical care for bites which is 900,000 people in a given year. Since many do not seek help at the ER, it’s possible that the number is closer to 5 million. In Texas, State Farm Insurance records for dog bite claims in 2016 totaled 165 and the average claim came to a cost of $33,253 each to the company.

Proving Liability in a Dog Bite Claim

Many states including Texas has what is known as the one bite law when it comes to who can be liable in a dog bite accident. That means that the owner should be aware that the dog can be vicious after they observe one bite that shows the animal may not be trustworthy. There are other ways to be liable for these attacks including not using a leash or allowing the dog to get free from their premises by negligence.

Another element in the case can be the kind of dog. Some breeds are known to be more prone to biting and insurance companies such as State Farm have a list of dogs that they use to turn down a homeowner for insurance to avoid a liability claim in the future.

Those who have been turned down are therefore aware of the dog’s propensity for biting and should use extra precaution. Proper training should be followed no matter what the breed and if there has not been any training this can be brought out in a court of law during a dog bite accident lawsuit.

The Lassiter Firm has handled many dog bite cases proving that poor care being taken by the owner of a vicious dog has caused pain and suffering for their clients. If you or a family member has been bitten the injuries can be compensated for in Houston by contacting the firm and discussing your case with us.

A busy construction site is unfortunately one of the most dangerous places for an employee. Many injuries are reported every year to OSHA concerning a highway worker struck by accidents. These are so prevalent that April 9 to 13th is designated as National Highway Work Zone Awareness Week.

The purpose is to bring workers attention to the dangers that they face each day while working on highways and streets throughout America. These accidents are caused by situations that come under the much broader heading of Struck-by Hazards and, sadly, there are many examples of things that can harm or kill a worker when they are hit in this kind of construction accident in Houston.

OSHA’s List of Struck-by Hazards

Vehicles: Besides motor vehicles on the road; construction vehicles like dump trucks, backend loaders, and bulldozers if not properly driven or maintained may pin or bury and unsuspecting worker either by not having a working back up warning or negligent maintenance on brakes and steering.

Falling Objects: Work on high rise apartments or even a two story home may be hazardous when someone or some piece of equipment releases an object that falls and hits a worker in the head or body. These injuries are usually serious and there have been wrongful deaths caused by these hazards many times.

Masonry Walls: Masonry wall construction requires heavy load bearing equipment to be done correctly and the wrong use of equipment can lead to a collapse on unsuspecting workers.

With all the construction and road work being done every day in the city of Houston, the Lassiter Law Firm has had many clients needing their help to gain an explanation of what really happened when a loved one has been injured or killed at a construction site. If you or a family member have suffered from one of these unfortunate accidents, contact our experienced law team and let our experience work for you and bring about the real story of who is at fault and gain the just compensation you deserve.

The term “commercial vehicle” may be applied to many more vehicles you see on the road than you might think. The tendency might be to think only in terms of semi-tractor trailers with large corporate names on the sides. These certainly come under the definition of a commercial motor vehicle in the state of Texas and on the federal level as well. But pickup trucks or vans weighing just over 10,000 lbs. are also considered a commercial vehicle as well, especially one involved in interstate commerce.

When Can a Vehicle Be Labeled a Commercial Vehicle?

The weight of the vehicle is very important in these definitions, but the way the vehicle is used makes a difference too in the way it is defined. Any vehicle of a certain weight used to cross state lines to deliver goods is considered a commercial vehicle as well as a vehicle transporting 8 or more people across state lines for compensation. That makes the definition broader as do other variations. The commercially used vehicle is one that must take care when on the road as they deliver people, hazardous materials, and large loads that can lead to serious injuries to other drivers who are extremely vulnerable in their smaller, non-commercial vehicles. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a commercial truck accident in Houston, it is crucial to seek the assistance of an experienced commercial truck accident attorney.

In Texas, the number of fatal crashes in 2016 involving tractor trailers was 403. Add the fatal crashes that may have been caused by vans and pickup trucks that can qualify as a commercial vehicle and it can be seen that commercial vehicles are involved in more fatal crashes than just the ones caused by tractor trailers alone. These fatal crashes and the incapacitating injuries that occur as a result will require the need for a consultation with an attorney experienced in dealing with commercial truck accident cases.

In Houston, the Lassiter Law Team has won damages for people like you that have been injured in accidents involving many different types of commercial vehicles. Contact us today, and we will help you in the same way.