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The statistics are clear –  night driving for many reasons is more dangerous than daytime driving. The chance of being involved in an accident with an impaired driver is greater at night, but it’s not just alcohol that is impairing drivers.

The National Safety Council in a discussion of night driving makes it clear that, as we age, night vision gets worse and so does our reaction time. Combine that with the chance that others are on the road with similar defects plus they are coming home from a party or bar after drinking, you have a perfect storm of dire circumstances brewing that can lead to a fatal accident.

Fatal Car Crashes Happen During the Day Too

The National Safety Council estimates that the chances of a fatal crash are increased threefold at night due to these factors. On the other hand, there are still many fatal accidents in Houston that happen during the day though for different reasons. Some drivers during both the day and evening can still be at risk due to a faulty car component that should have become a part of a recall years before. For instance, the Takata airbag problem is still ongoing and those airbags were first installed in cars as early as 2002. It seems that something should have been done a lot sooner about this faulty product.

The daytime is also when large trucks and semis are on the road and when they are involved in an accident with a smaller vehicle, the chance of a fatal injury also goes up. Sun glare at certain times of the year has caused vision problems too and, if a driver is speeding to get home when this hits another, wrongful death may occur.

If you have lost a family member at any time to an automobile accident, please contact the Lassiter Law Firm for a consultation. This is a serious, impossibly hard time for you and your family but we can help. Our team has successfully fought for those facing the same challenges as you are now, and will do the same for you.