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Have You Been Injured In Accident?

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That Each year nearly 5 die when hit by an Auto or truck

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association reports That Each year nearly 5 die when hit by an Auto or truck, in vehicle 000 pedestrians in 2012 suffered injuries. These accidents can happen when pedestrians Try to cross highways. In addition to vehicle incidents, tens of thousands of non vehicular accidents occur. Bad sidewalk maintenance or […]


Death Of Your Child

While your impulse can be to blame yourself for what is happened, resist the urge. There are simply forces in life and nature that can’t be controlled. Beating yourself up about what you might have, would have, must have done is counterproductive to healing. Others find themselves pacing the floors during the night and staring […]


Death by medicine is a twenty-first Century outbreak

Death by medicine is a twenty-first Century outbreak, and America’s War on drugs is obviously directed at the wrong enemy. Prescription drugs are now killing much more individuals than illegal drugs, and while most major causes of avoidable deaths are declining, those from prescription drug use are increasing, an analysis of lately released data from […]


Federal Government to take steps that are Crucial to prevent fatalities

The alarming figures Concerning the number of deaths caused by Auto Accidents Which involve state Authorities have been prompted by alcohol and the Federal Government to take steps that are Crucial to prevent fatalities. One of these steps is to lower the allowable blood alcohol concentration from 100 mg\/dl to 80 mg\/dl. Such steps have […]


Firestone Connected to a house Burst

The oil and gas giant Which owns the Firestone Connected to a house Burst, Anadarko Petroleum, is facing at least two Suits over the incident . An investor named Robert Edgar sued Anadarko, previously this month, alleging the company Made statements about safety protocols and its upkeep for molds such as the one. In the […]


Passenger Injured in Auto Accident

A passenger who gets hurt in an automobile accident has any other form of personal injury plaintiff or a Simpler case than a driver. Since the passenger does not need to worry about proving accountability it’s, among the drivers Will be responsible. Like any personal injury claim, in an automobile Incident case the plaintiff Has […]


Choosing The Right Attorney

In reality, there’s no such thing as the Best attorney in Texas, however there’s such thing as the best attorney in Texas for your circumstances. Personal Injury lawsuits can involve complex and distinct issues, That’s why it is important to find a personal injury lawyer with the expertise and success managing cases comparable to yours. […]


Injury Data

2007 Traffic Fatalities by State and Percent Change from 2006 State 2006 2007 % Change State 2006 2007 % Change AL 1, 207 1,110 -8 NE 269 256 -5 AK 74 84 +14 NV 431 373 -13 AZ 1,293 1,066 -18 NH 127 129 +2 AR 655 650 -2 NJ 771 724 -6 CA 4,140 […]


Defective Truck Equipment

Many trucking accidents are caused, or made worse, by defective truck equipment. At the James Lassiter Law Firm in Houston, Texas, we know which truck parts are frequently faulty. In our thorough investigations, we track down the obscure details and carefully consider every piece of evidence. We always pursue the full compensation truck accident victims […]



Truck accidents are nearly always catastrophic in their impact and life-altering for the individuals and families involved. Unfortunately, many 18 wheeler accidents may have been prevented through simple due diligence. James Lassiter & his Tough Houston Personal Injury Lawyers have the experience and the knowledge needed to pursue compensation for truck accident victims.